Thursday, March 20, 2014

Moto X 16 GB - India Review

The social media in India is been recently abuzz with Moto X device. For the first time Moto X is being launched in India through the ecommerce major Flipkart. As expected Flipkart has a dedicated page up and running for Moto X. Checkout the elegant page here Moto X 16 GB Flipkart. My Moto X arrived today :) and I’m gonna be on a Moto diet on coming days.


An Android Phone that performs like iPhone

Moto X is totally targeted at users who love iPhonish kind of usage with their phones. These are people who use their phone just as a phone to perform multiple activities, unlike techies who are obsessed with tweaking their phones and doing all kind of experimentation with Custom ROMs. Moto X totally bridges the performance gap when other high end Android phones fail. There were instances when I thought of switching to my old school Nokia for at times my lock screen hangs during an incoming call. I know most of you Android users have gone through experiences where after installing a dozen apps your smartphones gets slow and you would feel like operating a star ship mechanically. But those days are gone. Moto X is incredibly faster and perfectly ideal to impress first time Android users.

Moto X 16GB India Review - Buy from Flipkart


Jarvis or an Android Phone?

Moto X features Multiple CPUs (Note that multiple CPUs are different from single CPU with multiple cores). Each CPU takes care of specific task.

Jarvis in Android Phone - Moto X Review

Here is a drill down of each CPU’s functions.



What does it do?

1.7GHz SnapDragon S4 Pro


Takes care of operating System

Adreno 320 GPU


Graphics Acceleration

Contextual Computing


Manages Phones actions based on user preference and device environment

Natural Language Processing


Instantaneous voice command response

Together these CPUs with 8 Cores are called The X8 System. They boost the performance throughout tasks like browsing, voice search, etc.

The phone features what most other smartphones have. So I’m not gonna go through them all. Lets get straight to the Pros and Cons.


  • 1280 x 720p AMOLED screen with 316 pixels per inch. Its good enough for a rich experience, though not as sharp as 1080p display when compared side by side. But otherwise who cares?
  • 2200mA Battery  with 13Hrs Talktime. For a normal user the standup time is up to 24Hrs and for Hardcore users it should be around 14-16 Hrs. (Note Talktime is different from Standup time)
  • 3 Microphones located at different parts of the phone helps in noise cancellation by eliminating unnecessary sound. It can uniquely recognize your voice commands and hence adds up to security feature. Did I mention that voice commands work even when your phone is asleep? So mind what you say when your Moto X is nearby ;)
  • GLONASS navigation system (in addition to GPS). It’s a Russian alternative of GPS maintained by United States Government. This means you can navigate as long as either one of US and Russia survives.


  • 3.5 mm Headphone jack located at the top. Some people preferred it at the bottom. As long as you are fine with the position, its not an issue at all.
  • 10 MP Camera. I wish the camera could be a bit better when capturing low light shots and fast moving objects.
  • The speaker at the back of the phone if closed with a finger can almost mute the phone. Otherwise it works great.

That’s all I have to say about my Moto X. You wont regret the choice of switching to it. So what are you waiting for?

Moto X 16GB Buy Exclusively from Flipkart

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