Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Letter to Honda about Poor After Sales Service in Pratham Agencies


I am one of the hundreds of frustrated Honda Customers from Kanchipuram. So I decided to write a mail to Honda about this. No matter in which city you are, if you are affected like me by the dealers who dont give a damn about customers, just write to Honda here . Here is my letter to Honda.

Dear Honda,

If you really want to sustain a customer base in Kanchipuram please switch over your dealership to someone other than Pratham Honda. This guys are simply being monopolistic. Like myself hundreds of Honda customers are frustrated with the customer care and after sales service support of this agency. Free services were done for name sake. I even wonder if they really change my engine oil every time I went for free service. I still remember the first day when I went to the showroom to enquire about Honda Twister, a frustrated customer was whining about the after sales service, I didnt take it seriously otherwise I would have gone to Yamaha or Hero. So please remember not to make aftersales service a deciding factor in buying a two wheeler. If people start to give more importance to this no Honda bikes will be running in the streets of Kanchipuram, Thanks to Pratham. I cannot find a right forum to lodge my complaint. So I'm righting you here.

Rajarajan P,
A Proud Owner of Honda Twister