Sunday, December 16, 2012

Aadhaar Card Enrolment Process - A Quick Glance

Today I got enrolled for Aadhaar card provision in Kanchipuram. I just thought of coming up with a post on the procedure. Before that please ensure the below points while applying for Aadhaar card.:
  • Male citizens wearing round neck shirts or t-shirts were not allowed to enroll. So you better get dressed up in a collared outfit.
  • As a proof of identity and for easy processing the agents require you to have your Census receipt and Ration card with you. Each family will have a census receipt issued earlier during Census 2011 by the Government. The receipt will have NPR (National Population Registry) Number. This number has all the preliminary information like number of family members and their name, address and the contact number.

    The census receipts look like this.
    Census 2011 Receipt - Aadhaar Card Enrolment Receipt
  • You can optionally provide your Bank account number during the enrolment process to be associated with your details. I will recommend this as it would help in future verification scenarios. So better have your bank account number also. Anyway its not mandatory.
Enrolling for Aadhaar card in my locality followed the same initial procedures as in Electoral voting process. The people were segregated based on their ward number. During registration process the agent will have a console with display and also you will have a display with a camera facing you. You can verify your info as and when the agent feeds it. When the NPR number for my family is entered in the Aadhaar enrollment system it displayed the relevant info, but still address was incomplete and even the phone number was wrong. So I requested the agent to update it. Your portrait will be captured along with a retina scan and a finger print scan of all the fingers. Once done you will be provide with two copies of the Aadhaar enrolment receipt, you can keep the one with agent signature, other one you need to sign and submit in the enrolment center itself.
Aadhar Card Receipt - Unique Identification Authority of India Enrolment

Its mentioned in the Aadhaar card receipt that even after enrolling if you want to change your info you can do it within 96 hours, but they didn’t provide any further info on how to do it. I checked with the UIDAI portal, where they have provision to update the details online. To check you’re enrolment status you need to have the Enrolment number (which looks like for eg.2008/23615/23521) and Date & Time of enrolment. Both of them will be available in your enrolment receipt. When I checked my enrolment status in UIDAI poratl after 24Hrs of enrolment, I still got the message ‘EID provided by you is still not available with us. Please check back after few days’ .
EID provided by you is still not available with us
If this takes this much time to update in online database, I’m not sure how I can update my info if needed in the given 96 hours window. To check your Aadhaar status go here . When I enquired the agent they said we can update our missing info if any after 6 months.
The Aadhaar card enables the Government of India to effectively track the citizens once enrolled (not to be mistaken with the New World Order conspiracy theories :P ). But the Government claims that it would help to prevent illegal bulk railway ticket bookings by travel agents, to ensure proper transfer of aids to the needed and so on. All these sounds good and I hope it serves the intended purpose.